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Embedded Book Search

Just a heads up that I am aware of the disappearance of the search toolbar that used to appear in the embedded Google Books used on this site. I've been busy trying to find out if this is a temporary disappearance, or, if it is permanent, how I can create a workaround to make the GenI on this site more useful. Thanks for your patience!

Searching Tips: Directories

If you're searching for information on a research subject who lived in a city, the method of your search is pretty straight forward. But what if the person you're researching lived in the suburbs? Turns out that directory searches are just another area in which your greater geographical understanding of the area in which you're researching really makes a difference.

The key to directory research, in this latter case, is to pinpoint the city nearest to which your target resided. Even in the 1800s, suburban areas were often included in directories for larger cities.

Case in point, consider the following 1884 directory, which is ostensibly for the city of Scranton, PA:

As the title page states, this isn't just a directory of Scranton; the volume also includes business listings for six neighboring communities.

Another example can be found in the following "Blue Book" for San Francisco (1919):

Note that the book covers not only San Francisco proper, but a whole host of suburban towns from the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Because it's cumbersome to list every single covered jurisdiction within the book titles on GooBooGenI, a title search for a specific suburb won't necessarily return these titles. A full search on this site would begin with the name of the local jurisdiction in which you're researching, then would slowly expand out to nearby cities, and even the county level.

Good luck!


Welcome to GooBooGenI, or the Google Books Genealogy Index. Much more than an index, this site has categorized and embedded thousands of full-view books from the Google Books site, creating a readily-accessible reference and research library for genealogy researchers in the United States.

You can browse the books embedded in this site using the menu to the left, or search by keyword using the search field, also in the left-hand menu.

We are constantly adding new books to this index, and will be adding to the international and surname books over the coming weeks. Be sure to bookmark us and check back often!
Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 September 2011 23:04

Additions and Changes Coming

Going to be adding a bunch of new books and categories over the coming months. This is a personal project (not affiliated with Google) which means it happens in my spare time. Thanks for your patience!



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