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Welcome to the main page for the United States. To browse titles for this country, use the menu to the left, or select your area of interest from the links below.

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Books referring to general, pan-national subjects, or books including many locations, such as national Who's Who biographies, or other national-level organizational publications.

* Railroads

* Reference and Bibliography

* Biographies

* Genealogies (General)



#1 Janelle 2012-12-21 18:52
There are literally hundreds of Google books containing baptisms, marriages, burials, and wills for England. In My Library I have several hundred. Why are these not part of Google Genealogy books? From the date on these pages, it is obvious nothing has been added for over a year. Did you decide not to continue? Why not have a way to users to send you links for other Google genealogy books? It would be very helpful to those seeking genealogical material not to have to wade through a regular Google Book search looking for books in this category.
#2 admin 2012-12-21 20:27
Hi Janelle, and thanks for your comment.

I agree that the Google Books search is cumbersome, which is why I started this website... as an extra research aid for others. Of course, I'm just a stay-at-home mother with two small kids, so this project gets back-burnered most of the time.

If you'd be interested in adding books, please drop me an email. You'll find my contact info on my rainydayresearc website.


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